Framed painting and some other stuff


Sup, I've been painting a lot lately but I didn't update the mspaint page yet, I usually don't feel like sharing the stuff I make, and not because of lack of confidence.
I don't really have strong feelings about showing my stuff to other people (with some special people as exceptions, like some good friends and family).

still, said friends been trying to convince me to post my stuff if not here in some social media or something but I'm not big into those.
One of them made a strong case about using pinterest or something like that because it's kinda straight forward, and I'll also be posting all of them in here in the following days.

Anyway, here's a picture of a recent painting I did, I ended up framing it, I like how it turned out.

In other news I've been planning on moving far far far far away to work as a blue collar worker, I have plenty experience in the field in question, gonna see how that will go.
It will be cool to make a substencial amount of money to send to my family here in the homeland, at the moment that's what I've been thinking a lot.

Anyway, here's another cool song.

Thank you for reading.