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2D/3D Artist
Graphic Designer
Full Stack Developer
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An extraordinary website dedicated to delivering real-time scientific insights from Antarctica, complete with live camera feeds.

Technologies: Python and Node.js

Utilizes notable libraries such as Pillow for enhanced functionality.


A dynamic social hub designed for web developers of all skill levels, providing a platform to showcase their websites and attract a broader audience.

Technologies: Node.js and Express.js

Relies on essential libraries including Axios, EJS, and Bcrypt for seamless operations.


An innovative virtual bulletin board that facilitates real-time interaction on static pages, simplifying communication with your audience and enabling them to leave digital stickers and other interactive elements.

Technologies: Node.js and Express.js

Enhanced with notable libraries like Express and, along with Geo-IP for geolocation features.

This website was sponsored by the shadow goverment.
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