Lain Model progress and some other stuff


Sup, this is the first entry for my blog (well, at least the proper one).
In this entry I'll be talking about some changes I plan to do on my website and also about a model I'm working at of Lain.

First, let's talk about the model.

The idea came 2 days ago, I was sketching in blender using the grease pencil tool and ended up with a fast sketch Lain.

After that I started the process of blocking the face, anime characters (and any other stylized character really) are complicated in their own way. the faces have their own intricacies, like how you can make their eyes using the sockets to fake depth.

I'm generally more focused on realistic art and renderings so it's always good to study the process while making these personal projects.

coming at it I already had the idea to make her in a cutesy cartoonish style that I'm used to paint, so I'm glad I'm achieving my goal.

Website changes

I'm developing a new base for my website pages and with it I'll be making some changes to them so I can make everything work together nicely.
this page as well as the mod one are already using this new base. I don't think anything will change aesthetically but I'm sure it will be a hell of a lot better to develop on as well as making the website faster.

Talking about making the website faster, I'll be trimming down on loading times converting most of the images of the website into the .WEBP format.
For some reason a lot of people don't like this format very much but I find it incredible, it takes images from several megabytes to kilobytes without even making a dint in their quality and that's really great.

Another thing I'll be doing is optimizing my Javascripts, I've come a long way in scripting since I started mantaining this website and that shows, the mods page has a slick Three js loader with a model of jules that I animated and its really good.

I'm gonna wrap this blog entry up with a great song by Rammstein called STIRB NICHT VOR MIR.

Thank you for reading.