Illness and plans

I've been feeling weird for the past 4 years. I started feeling really weird. I already had some minor symptoms, but things really started to go south 2 years ago.

I started having really painful skin problems with rashes, and after a while, my eyes also started getting bloodshot. My joints began to feel horrible, not to mention it also makes me have an uncomfortable feeling around my guts.

I think it took almost 2 years to diagnose it as Lupus because doctors really don't give a fuck around here, so they will look at you and just go by the most common things.

Anyway, it's a bitch. Waking up sometimes feels like a chore, especially when your body is hurting and your head is aching with an insane migraine.

Can you believe this shit is also affecting my eyes in a way that could make me blind? Not looking forward to that.

Hopefully one of the new medications kicks in, and I can at least feel better for the most part. The shitty thing is the one I tried, "Corticosteroids," attacks my anxiety for some reason, so I really hope I get something better, I don't know.

I'm not really depressed or anything, but physical pain really does suck a lot.

I also sold some shirts, so I'm really glad for whoever bought them. I'll see if I put my art as prints there too because, you know, being a Brazilian and making some dollars is a really good thing, especially because the employment situation here sucks and lupus is fucking me up physically.

Anyway, I also have new ideas for the website. My plan is to make something interactive, and you know, I really like Serial Experiments Lain, so I'll probably do something related to the anime. I can already see it taking shape, so it will not be really that difficult. However, I do need to plot it locally because updating a page here on Neocities all the time as I develop is kind of a hassle.

I need to update some things on the Antarctica Status website as well, mainly related to content because I dropped the entire archive thing I was going for. I still have the data collected, but I really don't want to categorize everything because of the amount of work I would have to deal with. I'll see what I can do.