Manipulating Acceptability

It's pretty funny how corporations / goverments have gotten so good at manipulating what's considered acceptable in everyday life, and it's impressive how many people actually buy into it. I remember reading an article years ago about a company getting a class action for spying on people, and back then, everyone was up in arms about it. But now, it seems like that kind of thing is just the norm. truth is people are becoming more and more okay with these big powers pushing stuff on us just to create some artificial sense of comfort.

Corporations and governments possess an incredible ability to persuade and exert control over our perception of what is deemed acceptable. They employ various tactics, such as advertising, lobbying, and media influence, to shape public opinion and redefine the limits of acceptability through trial and error. It's a society driven by desires, fears, and dreams. a society carefully crafted to serve their own interests.

It's really tough to stand up against these things, nowadays when you don't go along with it, people think you're crazy or you just get yourself in danger. going against all of this can make you an outcast. I live in a place where simply questioning the government is starting to be seen as a crime against democracy. Which is honestly surreal to see people buying that when corruption and the government/corporations go hand in hand here, no matter which political party / ideology is in power.

We are living in the stockholm syndrome era.