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The False Messiah of Ideologies


Protests in France at the HQ of Black Rock

There are many misconceptions about my beliefs and ideals, which I would like to clarify. First and foremost, some could say my views align with those of classic "leftist" ideals, although I disagree with the notion that political parties and terms like "leftist" or "right-wing" can fully summarize a wide range of complex ideals. To me, reducing complex issues to simplistic labels only leads to incoherent decision-making that often comes at the expense of individual liberties.

This can be observed in several countries, including the United States, Brazil, and France, where the two main political parties often seem more alike than different. Whether it's the Democrats and Republicans in the US or the parties in Brazil and France, both sides tend to prioritize their own interests over those of the general population. This results in policies that favor the wealthy and powerful while neglecting the needs of the poor and marginalized.

For me, social policies are the way forward, although I reject any kind of identitarianism as, to put it bluntly, It's 'bullshit.' In a world where a majority of people suffer from poverty, hunger, and hopelessness, I cannot prioritize identity politics over the more pressing issues of food, water, and shelter.

As a Christian, my faith is central to my beliefs. I believe that losing one's faith and sense of morality is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Unfortunately, the modern world is increasingly detached from reality, focusing more on social media, drama, and consumerism. This has led to a loss of basic human values, with corporations, governments, and lobbyists all contributing to the erosion of our society's moral fabric.

The notion of a free market is often portrayed as a beacon of individual freedom and prosperity, but the reality is often a far cry from this ideal. In many cases, corporations prioritize profits over people, exploiting workers and trampling on basic human rights in the process. They often use social issues as political currency to present a facade of compassion and social responsibility, even as they engage in unethical practices. This is particularly evident when these same corporations try to appeal to identity politics as a way to distract from their harmful actions.

However, it's not just the private sector that is at fault. Governments also play a critical role in perpetuating these issues. For example, in Brazil, the current "leftist" government of the PT party has implemented illegitimate protectionist policies (Which were also being considered by the last "Right-wing" government) that prevent people from accessing cheaper products from China. Instead, they are forced to pay exorbitant prices for the same products sold by Brazilian oligarchs or settle for lower quality goods produced domestically. This illustrates the need to prioritize the needs of individuals over the interests of corporations, which would make it possible to achieve a true free market.

Both political groups labeled as "leftists" and "rightists" are responsible for policies that cause suffering for the poor. They tend to give more importance to less urgent issues instead of focusing on more pressing ones. Greed plays a significant role in these policies, as they often prioritize corporate interests at the expense of the general welfare of the population.

These issues not only exist within political ideologies but also extend to the actions of certain individuals who identify as Christians. For example, some support illegitimate countries like Israel in their genocide of Palestinians, Muslims, and Christians, or the US's illegal sanctions and invasions of countries such as Iran and Afghanistan. Despite these actions being contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, these individuals often advocate for those who disrespect their faith, pray for those who spit on their beliefs, and ignore the suffering of innocent people. Such actions are deplorable and should be condemned.

I believe that humans should have the freedom and liberties that God gave us through free will. However, governments, corporations, and even some religions have taken on the role of a false messiah, replacing God and his teachings with their own flawed ideologies.

It is our responsibility as individuals to resist these forces and work towards a more just and equitable society. This means prioritizing the basic needs of all people, regardless of their background, while also working towards a more prosperous future and avoiding falling prey to the false promises of the antichrist.

I want to make it clear that my criticism is not directed towards individuals considered to be successful. I understand that ignorance and misguided beliefs can exist at all levels of society. However, my primary concern is with mega-rich people, corporations, and governments that exacerbate problems through their actions. I believe in the right to private ownership, but I oppose the concentration of enormous amounts of wealth and money in a few hands. Therefore, I advocate for heavy taxation of these individuals and entities, and the funds should be directed to free social programs that provide healthcare and education. This would also ease the tax burden on the poorest classes who shouldn't have to pay taxes when the majority of the world's wealth is held by a small group of entities and people who refuse to share it.

Writen by Ongezell [E. Mangia]